Wholesale amber to the trade by Vessel International - 
Expressive, hand-crafted jewelry from Poland
Featuring genuine gem-quality Baltic amber... 

Baltic Amber in Silver For Wholesale Buyers Only

Our exquisite Baltic amber jewelry is sold wholesale to the trade only. We have beautiful full color catalogs featuring 1200 amber in silver jewelry styles. Because we sell our amber wholesale to the trade, we require your resale number and a copy of your business license to send a catalog. The minimum order for new customers is $200, and $100 for returning customers or reorders.

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Caution: Buy Only Gem Quality Amber

Pressed amber and "ambroid" (pieces of amber embedded in plastic) are commonly found in flea markets, auctions and other places where the buyer is cautioned to beware as this fake amber can easily fool you (sometimes they fool the seasoned buyer!). When you buy from Vessel International you are guaranteed real gem quality, Baltic Amber jewelry at wholesale prices.

What is Amber?

Amber jewelry is a treasure to own and Vessel International is the premier wholesale amber source for the reputable trade. Amber is one of the few gems not of mineral origin (others are ivory, pearls, etc.). This highly-prized fossil resin was exuded by coniferous trees thousands and thousands of years ago, sometimes the dripping resin trapped insects, leaves, bark and other things we now call inclusions. Amber is also sometimes referred to as succinite.

Amber Comes in Many Colors

Amber is capable of being highly polished and used in making jewelry, and other ornamental objects. It comes in many colors such as brown (called cognac), green, a bluish shade, red and black. Amber jewelry as been made since before the time of Christ; and at the height of the Roman Empire is was called "Gold of the North". Vessel International, offers wholesale amber jewelry in a variety of colors; with or without inclusions; in standard stock pieces or one-of-a-kind treasured amber jewels.

Centuries of Amber

For centuries Amber jewelry was worn only by nobility and not affordable to the masses. Because amber was ascribed many healing properties it came to be used medicinally in many cultures. As centuries passed, more and more of the masses could afford to own treasured amber jewelry. Even today it is thought that wearing amber jewelry (such a ring, earrings, bracelet, pin or necklace) will instill confidence in the wearer, balance a person's mood, and lessen depression and anxiety.

Amber Popularity Today

This fascination and attraction to amber jewelry was renewed in the mid-20th century and is soaring in popularity today; especially due to the impressive pieces from the Baltic Sea area . But caution, dear shopper - not all amber is genuine. Technology has advanced and found ways to fool your eye. Our amber is guaranteed to be genuine, in the era of 40 to 60 million years old, and from Poland's Baltic Sea area; many exquisite amber set in silver jewelry peices. 

Wholesale Amber to the Trade Only!

Expressive, hand-crafted jewelry from Poland and Lithuania
featuring genuine gem-quality Baltic amber set in sterling silver.


By Vessel International, Inc.

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